Thursday, 1 August 2013

1st August – 636,433

My work patterns remain disrupted, but at least today I have an excuse – I had to spend the morning going to see the doctor and then running here there and everywhere sorting out a number of errands. At least the doctor is taking my issues seriously and is changing my meds, which should in help me in terms of appetite, although not eating properly has meant I lost weight, which is perhaps a beneficial side effect.

Nevertheless I’ve managed to get 3,167 words down and I’m fast approaching the 640k mark. I’m surprised nobody picked up on my mistake yesterday – I’m still 26k short of that magical 2/3 done mark on the challenge – I’d accidentally mistyped the title line as 664k not 634k so based my ramblings on an incorrect number. Doh!

Anyway, today is a sudden hot spell after a day of rain yesterday, so in a moment I’m going to tootle off downstairs and go and sit in the rays and wash a bit of the last week’s rust off. See y’all tomorrow.

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