Sunday, 4 August 2013

August 4th – 646,750

A hectic day today, on non-writing tasks, meaning I had a long gap between writing stints, so although I hit 3,716 words for the day, the finish time is a lot later than I’ve been hitting. Still, I hit the target and more, taking me within striking distance of 650k tomorrow. This w.i.p. is developing well too, I’m about halfway toward the target work count for book three in the trilogy and I’m approaching the “grey” moment which is going to determine the heroine’s path.

The “black” moment will come a lot later in the piece, and will then lead to a resolution that can only be described as HFN (Happy For Now) rather than the HEA (Happy Ever After) ending you’d expect for a true romance. Of all the drafts I’ve completed during this challenge, I’d have to say, this trilogy probably gives me the most pleasure.

Now it’s time to get a couple of covers completed and then sit down and watch the TV adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s series about Elizabeth Woodville. Mind you, I’ll probably watch the mindless Mayhem that’s called Top Gear first, although nothing they do will trump watching James May getting smashed to pieces on a racing catamaran around the North Island of New Zealand – the stunt that started the series.

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