Sunday, 18 August 2013

August 18th – 694,393

Yesterday I found what I’m pretty sure is the reason for my health issues since the beginning of July. For the last 6/7 weeks, my appetite has been supressed, my sense of taste has been haywire, and my sleep-patterns have been disrupted leaving me permanently tired. Now, I’ve found something that coincides with all that.

Seven weeks ago, I renewed my prescription for my stomach meds as usual. Unfortunately, due to a mistake, my pharmacy issued 30mg capsules instead of 15mg capsules despite the prescription clearly reading 15mg. The label they attached to the box reads 15mg, but the actual contents are 30mg. I’ve been taking a double dose of the meds for seven weeks without knowing it.

Speaking to a different pharmacy today (because they were open while my usual one doesn’t open weekends) has resulted in the guy checking his book, and everything I listed above, is listed as side-effects from this drug.

I’m going to go hot-footing it back to the doctor tomorrow, for a precise diagnosis, and then I just might call in at the on-site pharmacy to file a complaint.

In the meantime I’ve managed to get 3,055 words written today, taking me that little bit closer to the 700k mark, and given how upset I’ve felt over the above, I’m surprised I managed that amount, but it’s words under the belt, and only just over 305k to go!

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