Saturday, 24 August 2013

August 24th – 715,302

It’s been a slow day today, but I’m not going to complain about hitting 3,251 words and taking myself past 715k.

This manuscript though is proving to be a toughie. I want to make my female lead less of a wimp and get her to take the lead, take control and drive the story forward. My male lead though, won’t relinquish control, and although you might think that would least to tension, and conflict within the story, which would be good, no, my pretty, sassy, intelligent thirty year old is just going along with it, letting him control the situation, and enjoying the ride.

Now, I have no problem with any of my characters enjoying themselves, after all, that is what life should be all about, but I wish I could get her to take over, and dominate him, instead. And for those of the more prurient mind-set, I don’t mean dominate in the classical BD meaning, I mean take control of the situation and not let him go where he wants.

Seeing as this is a bit of a road movie style story, with the twist that they end up back at home every night, that’s more important than you might think. I guess tomorrow is another day, and in this case, the tomorrow I’m referring to is tomorrow in the story, not my Sunday morning.

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