Thursday, 22 August 2013

August 22nd – 708,966

I guess the new story gripped me harder than I thought, because I hit 3,403 words today, taking that manuscript to 12k in just three days work on it, albeit with a gap of 10 days between the first and second days.

The story is developing nicely, although I’m starting to worry about the female lead – she’s the key to the whole book and at the moment she needs to grow a backbone of steel to deal with the leading man. I’m not sure if I can so that as character development, or if I need to rewrite a couple of the earlier scenes so from now on she’s feistier than she currently appears. My leading ladies may be, at times, confused, despondent, depressed, overwhelmed by circumstances, or ill, but they are never, ever, wimps.

I’ve also got a couple of hours of edits done on the previous book, changing it from third to first person. For edits I tend to think in terms of page rather than word counts, and I’ve currently managed to work through 32 pages out of 197, so that is on-going – and faster than I expected It too.

I’ve got to break off now – I’ve got a couple of physical proofs to check before ordering the author’s proofs, so that’ll be another couple of books to release early next month, so as always, the work is never done.

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