Monday, 5 August 2013

August 5th – 650,201

That’s it today's, 3,451 words was enough to push me through the 650k barrier so I am now officially 65% of the way to the completion of my goal. Can I get a yee-hah there?

In fact I managed to finish the section of the manuscript I needed to do right on the crack of lunchtime. However, since I had to go out straight after lunch, I’ve only just sat down to produce the requisite blog entry.

Although the writing isn’t as quick as it was, just a few months ago, it’s still quite quick, and as each day passes when I’m well over 3,000 words in the day, I’m getting further and further ahead of the target – in fact I’m almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Bearing in mind I had a fortnight’s break in May, that’s pretty good going, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, on that note of smugness, I guess I’ll go and watch the cricket. Oh dear, I can’t - it’s been raining. So for the first two tests, when Australia desperately needed bad weather to prevent their getting thumped, all they got was bright sunshine and perfect playing conditions for the England team to exploit. Now, when we need the rain to ensure we don’t lose the match – we get rain. I guess the weather gods are on our side after all.

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