Tuesday, 20 August 2013

August 20th – 702,021

That’s it, the 700k barrier has been well and truly breached. At the same time I finished the third book of the trilogy, hitting 3,662 words today, so tomorrow I’ll pick up another idea and run with it – probably one I’ve already started. I just haven’t decided which one yet.

The double elation is tinged with the knowledge that I’ve got to do a lot of re-writing with this one, which is going to be a major pain to switch it into first person, the same as books one and two – I discussed what happened there a few days ago. That’s going to be a major task. Needs must, as they say.

Still, I’m over 70% of the way toward the target, only 300k words to go, and over 4 months to do it in. All in all I think I’ve every right to feel smug about my progress, but I do need to keep a lid on it, and not get carried away. 300k is still a lot of words to go. Oops, best be careful here, don’t want to talk myself out of feeling good about what I’ve achieved so far.

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