Wednesday, 7 August 2013

August 7th – 656,570

Today has been a day of visitors, one set after another, meaning my writing time became constricted. Still, it’s nice to see people, and of course, most especially, the grandchildren. Mind you, the best thing about grandchildren when they’re small remains quite simple – you can give them back after a couple of hours. Our two aren’t a problem, not really, but still the house is nice and quiet now.

I did manage to hit a full quota of words, reaching 3, 293 a few minutes ago, which takes me within striking range of 660k tomorrow. I’m still in the middle of my complex scene, as described yesterday, and I expect this scene is going to span two if not three chapters before I’m finished.

I have a huge pile of “tasks to be completed by today” on my to-do list, so this blog post is going to be terminated very shortly. Still, there’s always tomorrow.

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