Friday, 2 August 2013

August 2nd – 639,510.

I just realised I made a little arithmetic error a couple of days ago, crediting myself with a 1,000 words more on the total that I should have. Apologies for that – I’ve gone back in and edited the totals correct before posting this entry.

Once more I’ve been back on track in the morning, hitting 3,077 words before lunch, and also having time to get this blog entry written. Since I’ve also got to get a lot of print cover work done today, I’m glad I’ve got today’s stint out of the way in good time.

I’ve started my new meds today, so hopefully some of the effects I’ve been suffering with will dissipate, but you can never be sure. So far at least, and I took them five hours ago, I’ve had no adverse effects from them. I’m not feeling hungry though, so it’s not an instant cure.


  1. A mere one thousand. Is that 0.1%? A blink of the eye.

  2. Ah, but Barbara, I'd hate to arrive at the end thinking I'd made it, only for some cleaver spark to turn round and tell me I was a 1,000 short because of a mistake I made at the end of July. David