Thursday, 29 August 2013

August 29th – 731,508

I’m finally started to feel better today. No acid reflux which is a good sign the new oral dispersive form of the medication is starting to bed in. In fact, a few minutes before lunchtime, I was feeling hungry, and that is a big deal – it’s almost the first time in eight weeks. It’s now about three thirty, and I’m also starting to feel hungry again – another good sign as far as I’m concerned, although sticking to the very plain diet my doctor asked for is impossible. I am following the main instruction to keep the amount of fat to an absolute minimum for a few days. I’m sorry, but plain boiled rice with nothing else on the plate is like trying to eat wet shredded cardboard, and I just can’t do it. Foods are starting to taste right too (apart form the above mentioned rice), which is another big step forward. All I need to do now is correct my sleep pattern – i.e. start sleeping properly again, and I’ll know I’ve recovered rather than simply being on the road thereto.

I didn’t sleep well last night at all, but there was a bonus – before breakfast this morning I’d written down a 650 words characterised synopsis of a brand new trilogy, that I think has got legs. In fact I had to restrain myself from just hitting it and running with it, bouncing the synopsis off my writing and publishing partner instead, and getting over 2,600 words written on my main work in progress, taking me to 3,314 words overall. Perhaps a little slower than I’ve been accustoming myself too, but still, words written are words written and I’ve slid past the 730k mark with possibly a week to go till I reach the ¾ point on the challenge.

The other big news on the writing front was I finished it. Yes, that’s right, the big edit I had to do after finishing the first draft of my previous manuscript. I’ve been all the way through it with a fine toothcomb changing it from third person to first and correcting a number of other issues along the way – including a character who changed names between scenes! I guess it’s time to let that one sit in a drawer for a while to enable me to go through it again with fresh eyes. I’m a little too close to the heroine’s struggle right now.

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