Friday, 16 August 2013

August 16th – 687,933.

Oh well, as of today I’m now back on my old meds. The change to different tables hasn’t had an effect on my digestive problem, nor my loss of appetite and a sense of taste, so the doc has put me back onto the meds that suited me, solving the problems they were supposed to, and we’re trying something else, doubling up on one of my other meds, to see if that helps instead.

He’s given Marion a one off repeat for the meds that seem to have helped her a lot, but is making enquiries into whether in a specific case where it helps, he can proscribe it long term. Apparently the reason it’s not normally proscribed long term, is down to a tablet in the same family that had side effects. This one, is however frequently prescribed long term in France and Germany. I guess we’re going to have to start looking for a bungalow in France as a result. Mind you with my gastric issues, living in a country like France is probably not a good idea for me.

In any case, over and around sorting that out, I’ve cranked out 3,304 words today taking me close to the 690k mark, and this manuscript is now approaching the 70k point, and I’m well into the weekend that will form the climax to not just this book but also the entire trilogy, somewhere within the next 20-30k words, anyway.

Then it’ll be back to the age old issue – which story concept to I pick up next.


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