Friday, 9 August 2013

August 9th – 665,179

Well, I pre-warned you yesterday that I would be working on the first couple of scenes of a new story, today, and I fulfilled that, with the proverbial knobs on, too. By the time I put the keyboard down I was surprised my fingers weren’t smoking. The first scene was quite complex, and develops along a rather twisted path – but nothing is as it seems. Getting that scene on paper, and the one that followed it, the dialogue scenes that really set up what happens, were longer than my imagination had expected, so by the time I stopped writing I’d hit 5,057 words for the day.

That was all before lunch too, despite having to go out on a couple of errands and having family round for a few minutes, on their way somewhere else.

For a morning stint, that is probably my best performance, now I just need to get back to my action film sequence that is the central scene for my main work in progress. However with two, very different books, competing for my attention, I may end up torn between the two of them, and unsure which one to work on. That’s when discipline kicks in – and I’m going to have to be good about which one I choose to work on. In other words, be good, and put the new one aside, for now. We’ll see in the morning, if I can be that much of a goody two shoes.

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