Sunday, 25 August 2013

August 25th – 718,576

Well I managed to convert my heroine to the feisty young woman I wanted as the lead character by a simple expedient – I’ve changed the point of view from chapter 5 onward to hers rather than his. Consequently we can see she’s not a little mouse after all, rather she’s the mouse that roars, to hark back to a Peter Sellers comedy/farce from many years ago.

I hit 3,274 words before 10 o’clock this morning and if it hadn’t been for the huge edit looming over my head I could have happily have written more – I can only think that switching the point of view to her has given the story idea more vibrancy in my own head and as a result the writing has gotten easier. Yesterday I took a break from that edit – having managed the first 86 pages out of the 200 in the previous three days so that is progressing apace and I'll work on that tomorrow.

On the personal side, the imbalances within my system caused by the incorrect meds (see earlier posts) seem to be subsiding, certainly the effects seem less today than on previous days, and I slept better yesterday. With Marion’s meds improving her pain control as well, things are finally starting to look up on the health front for both of us.

Now, if only I can regain an appetite, and eat some proper food… ah well, baby steps and all that…

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