Saturday, 10 August 2013

August 10th – 668,410

It’s become something of a habit in this house to spend Saturday’s baking, so most of this morning disappeared into the process of trying a completely new American recipe for Lime and Coconut Squares.

Unfortunately the middle layer, the set lime custard, or curd, or whatever you want to call it, didn’t. Didn’t set that is, so the whole thing went in the bin. The shortcake style base and the coconut topping were both okay, but the weird runny lime stuff in the middle made it inedible. Ah well, you have to try these things, and sometimes you make mistakes. Having said that, we won’t be trying the recipe again anyway – there was really far too much sugar in it, and given we are both supposed to avoid too high a sugar concentration… need I say more.

My writing time was thus split and I ended up finishing 3,231 words a few minutes ago. I was also very good – going back to my main work in progress and continuing with the scene that effectively makes up the middle quarter of the book. (Yes, I know, these isn’t a middle quarter – but there is if the two bits on either side of it are three-eighths!).

I’m really pleased because this stint had taken me past the 50k mark on the third book in the trilogy, while at the same time taken me past the 2/3 point of the challenge. Sitting at 668k and surveying everything I’ve written today gives a nice satisfied feeling – unlike the aforementioned cake!

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