Thursday, 8 August 2013

August 8th – 660,122

A split writing day today, as I had to get the newsletter drafted before I could crack on with my main work in progress. Even so, I’ve managed to hit 3,552 words between the two pieces and as a result I’ve stock my nose past the 660k point.

Unfortunately I’ve also done it again, had another great story pop into my head overnight so I suspect tomorrow will be spent getting that one down on paper. It’s not quite ready yet, but by the time my subconscious has worked it over during the evening and night tonight, it’ll almost certainly be ready to find itself ready for me to scribble down the first couple of scenes tomorrow.

I wish I knew why this happens, and no doubt if I could capture and bottle it, I’d make a fortune selling “Inspiration”, but I can’t and in any case, I probably wouldn’t sell the inspirations themselves, just trade on the method.

How many authors would buy into the concept? A sure fire way to kept writing good stories, one after the other, without having to spend time nursing the inevitable hangovers caused by the chemical treatments for writer’s block.

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