Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August 28th – 728,194

Well I’m glad to report the change of meds are not having the same extreme side effects today as they were yesterday so I’m actually hopeful the whole mess is over with now. There is of course only one way to find out – time.

My sleep pattern is still not back to normal, although I am sleeping better than a couple of weeks ago, but this still leaves me tired and listless. It has taken me longer today than on most days, but I did crank out 3,252 words today, taking me within striking range of the 730k mark and getting ever closer to that 3/4’s of the way through the challenge.

This manuscript is doing well too, I am going to have to switch back to his point of view in a day or so, and then for the climax to the story switch back to hers, but I’m now thinking this one is novella length rather than novel length, but sometimes that happens – a story idea that seems like it could make a novel is stretched too thin when you start working on it, and sometimes what seems like a solid 80k novel turns out to be a 250k trilogy.

The editing is going well too, I’m now at page 156 on my way through the viewpoint change in that book, and I’m quite happy with progress there.

I am, however, waiting on other things from a couple of our authors, and I might be getting a bit antsy with them if I don’t hear back soon. I’ll try to make sure the frustrations there are related to their tardiness and not to my health, just in case.

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