Thursday, 13 June 2013

May 13th – 464,259

Good news today, my head cold is receding, although I’ve had to put off a visit from the granddaughters because of it – I’m not prepared to consider passing this bug onto them. I may well not be contagious, but why take an unnecessary risk.

That has left me with oodles of somewhat unplanned, unexpected writing time so I’ve had a couple of great stints today, even though I spread my creative juices over two different manuscripts.

My main work in progress benefitted the most, gaining 3,172 words, while I managed to get 716 words written on my courtroom drama.

I have solved my problem in respect of the court transcripts I wanted, having found the Library of Congress holds the entire English transcripts of the Nuremberg trials. It even holds the French and German translations, although not the Russian. The PDF files are massive, well over a couple of gigabytes to download them all, so I’m doing it a little bit at a time so as not to upset my ISP. They don’t seem to be so intent on slowing your access down these days, but as I can’t possibly read all that in one sitting, it doesn’t matter. Two volumes down, forty eight to go, and then once I’ve completed the blue set, I can start on the green and red sets! (Which I gather are supporting documents.)

Since my manuscript parallels Nuremberg rather than being about Nuremberg, and has nothing to do with Germany or the WWII era, I won’t need the detailed source documents and photographs, for which, if I’m honest, I’m thankful for.

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