Thursday, 20 June 2013

June 20th – 488,045.

Phew, that was a rush! In a good way I mean. I expected to finish the last manuscript yesterday but the black moment scene, kind of doubled in on itself and took more words to write than I expected. That meant I spent the whole allotted writing time on it instead of writing both the black moment and the HFN ending.

The sudden extra helping on angst in the middle of the black moment and the resulting extra scene meant I had an extra resolution to bring about, not that it was hard, but difficult to keep believable and then write the happy for now ending. I got so into it that as I wrote the last words I looked up at the clock and saw it was only a quarter past ten and I’d just written 3,935 words!

I’m keeping the extra angst and tension in the book, because the sequel is going to be much stronger as my heroine continues to develop one relationship while dealing with the fallout from the almost relationship of the first book.

At over 56k the book is a little longer than intended, and I need to think about what I’m going to do with the two scenes I’ve decided to change. But, with 6k excess to play with, I can probably cut a lot of words there and still have a book of the length I wanted.

As I said, what a rush!

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