Thursday, 6 June 2013

June 6th – 446,844

Well it looks like the target of 450k will be within reach tomorrow, and I’m now more than 6 days ahead of the metronomic schedule, which is a good thing. After tomorrow, we have two big social events in the calendar and I’m not sure how much writing time I can conjure up around them.

Still, a stint of 3,100 words today is good progress and I’m still happy this work in progress is developing along the right lines.

The weather has been a tale of two halves today too, starting off cold and grey like the whole of yesterday, but now fine, bright and sunny just like Tuesday. I wish it would make its mind up. Hot and sunny is good, but not for slaving away at a hot keyboard, and let’s face it a laptop keyboard can get warm. We now have perfectly clear, bright blue skies with not a shred of grey or white cloud in sight. In fact, I think I’m going to close the laptop down and go and enjoy a nice ice cold drink. After all the French Open is fast approaching its climax and nothing beats watching women’s tennis, iced glass in hand.

Not that I quite understand what all the grunting is about.

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