Friday, 28 June 2013

June 28th – 517,798.

I suppose you could call it Wimbledon weather - we had three and a half-days of sunshine, and then the rain set in, disrupting play at Wimbledon, so I was disappointed not to be seeing my personal favourite Laura Robson play. It’s raining this morning too, but still she’s playing today, and I’ve hit 3,380 words for the day and even had time this morning to get three draft book covers out for review and comment, so all in all a very productive morning.

This afternoon is going to be a mixture of tennis and book releases, so that will be an interesting juggling of events, with both Laura and Andy playing under the roof so no weather breaks. I think they’re scheduled matches one and two on centre court, so maybe those book releases won’t get done till the evening – only joking, people, only joking!

I’m trying to second guess myself in terms of my current work-in-progress too. I’m up to about 33k on it, and I’d expect by the time I reached this length, I’d be a lot further advanced with the story, in fact, I doubt I’m much more than a third of the way through the material. Given where I am in the plot, I know the pace will accelerate, and my characters are going to be moving toward the finale at a much greater speed, but still, this is going to be difficult to bring it in below 70k. Ah well, at least I’m not stretching it, nor trying to add more plot points and side issues in order to get it to the required length. The editor’s red pen will, of course, be very much in evidence.

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