Tuesday, 18 June 2013

June 18th – 480k Mark.

Today was down to determination. I wanted to get this manuscript through to the point just before the black moment, and then spend tomorrow writing the black moment scene, and the climax and HFN ending to the book. That meant I didn’t quite get finished before lunch so put the finishing touches to it in the last twenty minutes to hit 3,721 words for the day. That takes me to 480,519 words and past the 480k mark.

This story has built very nicely, and I’ll finish the first draft tomorrow, taking the manuscript past the 50k mark too.

My publishing partner and I discussed the story concept last night, at length, debating whether this book will get a new pen name or not. In the end we decided not, but still to go ahead with the revisions on the story to rewrite two scenes, which will nicely take the book from its original genre into a more mainstream one. That then gives me the chance to make this book fit the profile of an existing pen name who has been a little dormant for the last year or so. Although it will be a departure for her, it will definitely be something she could write. I think strategically, that’s a good move for this manuscript, so I need to go back over those two scenes and work out where to go with them. One of them is quite easy, the other not so easy, however even as I’m writing this, I can see how to achieve both. The problem is, that solution could give me a word count problem, as I don’t want to drop below the 50k mark. Decisions, decisions…

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