Sunday, 23 June 2013

June 23rd – Five hundred thousand words!

Stupid, stupid, just stupid. No, not you, me. I was so pleased with hitting almost 4,500 words yesterday putting me in the position where hitting the same word count today meant I’d pass the half mill mark, that I couldn’t sleep properly.

As a consequence, I was awake at a very early hour for a Sunday, and unable to drop back to sleep with the plot of my current work in progress eating into me, I eventually rose, leaving my wife asleep and moved through into the office and started writing. Consequently by eight o’clock this morning I’d beaten the day’s original target by passing 3,000 words before I was prised away from the laptop to go and have breakfast.

Straight after breakfast, and a quick burst of bread making (and no we don’t use a bread machine) I was back and at twenty to ten this morning I passed 5k, stopping at 5,231 words, and well past the 500k mark for the year! The word count total is now 500,872 words, and with my current w.i.p. having hit 16k in very short time (4 days actual, although in elapsed time it’s a little longer as I wrote the first scenes a couple of days before I picked it up again). My fingers are itching to keep going, but as I said, I have other things to do.

Now though, it’s not yet eleven o’clock and I’ve hit my writing goal for the day. It’s a good job I have other things, non-writing and writing, to do, otherwise I’d be bored by lunchtime!




Half way there

7 days to spare, although the way the calendar works I’m nearly 9 days ahead of schedule.

1 novella and 7 novel written (2 of them quite long for their genre, and all of them at draft stage).

Several more books started including the current w.i.p., a steampunk novel and two historicals.

I’m stoked but tired. Need I say more? LOL

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