Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 1st – Over 43% through the challenge.

Well, today is the start of another month, and the sun is shining, so this stint, this morning, is the only writing I’ll get done today. I hit 3,142 words, taking me to a grand total of 431,563 words in one day over five months. Actually if you count the fact I didn’t start doing this until the third day of January, you could say one day short of five months, but that would be splitting unnecessary hairs.

Today’s post will be a short one after the long one yesterday, but nevertheless, I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. This work in progress is progressing nicely (as a first draft of course), and at over 8k it’s demonstrating a lot of potential.

My head is still bubbling with ideas, and I’ve changed the working title of this piece for one simple reason. By changing that one word, it gives me the chance for an easy set of sequels, each one following the heroine in her career. So, as ever, not only am I writing, not only do I have the plot for this book in my head, I’ve started thinking about the second and third books in the series. I’m not sure if I should shout out in celebration about that, or in frustration.

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