Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June 5th – 443,744 words.

The weather changed overnight, and although we haven’t had any rain, it’s been gloomy and overcast compared to the brilliant sunshine of the last few days. The temperature has dipped too, and that would have made sitting at the laptop much more comfortable than yesterday – if only I’d had the time to sit and put in a concerted effort.

Today has been one of those days where writing time has been a few minutes here, a few minutes there, snatched from the jaws of other demands on said time. I think it took six attempts before I managed to surpass the target a few minutes ago, hitting 2,826 words and inching me close to the 450k barrier. I’ve also taken this work in progress past the 20k mark and the story has got enough legs to expand past the end of a single book.
In other words, I’m at it again, not sticking to a story that evolves to a sensible conclusion within one book, but rather expands into sequel after sequel. This one though will have a very different flavour when it gets to book two – my heroine cannot be so naïve in the corporate jungle after her next promotion. At the start of book one, corporate politics strip away that naivety in a brutal fashion, so she can’t be caught that way again. Fear not, the machinations of the plot for the second book are churning around in my subconscious, and she won’t need to be naïve – I’ll find other hurdles for her to climb in her attempt to break through the glass ceiling into the boardroom.

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