Friday, 7 June 2013

June 7th – 450k Barrier breached!

Yep, I did it. I managed 3,304 words today, taking me through the 450k barrier (just) to a grand total of 450,148 words for the challenge.

It was, if anything, harder than I expected it to be, taking several stints, surrounding household chores and a baking session (brown bread and cheese straws). At times it felt like wading through treacle, yet I’m excited about the plot and the way it’s developing, and has been developing. Still I’m 25k in, it’s close to the mid-point of the book (at least in terms of the plot, although I expect the word count to come will overshoot that, taking it to around 60k). How’s that for a bold prediction?

Today has been a beautiful day too, sun shining out of bright blue skies with hardly a cloud in sight. Even with the fan on, and the door open, the temperature in the conservatory hit 35C in mid-afternoon, bakingly hot, and too hot for me.

Luckily the sun is now on the back, and I’m on the front of the house, well not literally, but you know what I mean so I’m cooler but the conservatory is still warm. In fact it’s so warm I think Marion’s decided the lounge is better for her – and compared to me, she likes it hot.

Tomorrow may well be a relatively fraught day, with little chance of getting any writing done. With Sunday being Marion’s birthday I’ll be under orders for then too, so don’t expect any updates for a couple of days, unless the cards fall my way.

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