Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June 12th – 460,371.

Struggling with a head cold is not the best condition to write in, but write I have. In fact a very good stint after lunch (I had to go out this morning) saw some 2,000 words written I n an hour, and my final stint of the day took my total to 3,470 and that total surpassed the 460k mark on the overall challenge.

I returned to my main w.i.p. today too, leaving the start I made on a new story, yesterday, to gather a little moss and mature before I touch it again. Mind you the research for that book will be an enormous undertaking – the specific reference book runs to nine volumes, that’s right nine volumes, and I’ll need do quite a lot of creative anthropology too, so that’s going to be fun. I’m hoping the books I want are available as iBooks too, it’ll be so much easier to get at the bits I want than it is on the Kindle, where I know they are available. If all else fails I’ll resort to the Kindle reader on the iPad but I prefer the iBooks app if I’m honest.

The current work in progress is building nicely too, and if it was a screen play I suppose you’d call it Act IV. However, the plot doesn’t split into equal sized sections, Act IV will constitute something close to half the book, so four twenty minute Acts it isn’t. Turning it into a theatre play isn’t an option, the sets would need to be too big. Hmm… Maybe film? Hollywood pitch anyone?

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