Saturday, 29 June 2013

June 29th – 522,625.

It’s strange sometimes how things seem to fall into place all at the same time. Nothing big, well not for me, but nevertheless, the last twenty-four hours have seen several good things happen.

Firstly a couple of things at a distance, both the Brits left in the singles at Wimbledon won in straight sets and although Robson looked a little shaky in the first set, she won the match comfortably. At the moment though she’s a set and a break down in her third round match

Then this morning a little light retail therapy worked well when we managed to find a replacement rug for the conservatory at less than half what we expected to pay for one.

Now after the second massive writing stint of the day, I can report I’m well past 4k words, in fact a total of 4,827 words flew from my fingers today, taking me past the 520k mark and this manuscript up to over 37,700 words and I’m still nowhere near the crux of the story.

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