Monday, 24 June 2013

June 24th – 504,789.

Knowing today was a day full of interruptions, I knew I’d be struggling to match yesterday’s massive word count. But there again, I didn’t have the same impetus or goal to achieve – you only hit that half-mill point once after all. With blood tests, grocery shopping and a guy coming round to give me a quote on some outside work (small maintenance stuff - but it all needs doing) and another half dozen or so errands later in the day, I had to hit the ground running to prevent life intervening and making me follow a good writing day with a sub-standard one.

I can’t claim 3,417 words today as a sub-standard one, far from it, even if it is some 1,800 words short of yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind, now, that I’ fired up with this work in progress, the first draft is now well past 19k and going strong.

I guess today, the blog entry is an anti-climax, well, it was always going to be.
Ah well, still a good day for writing.

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