Saturday, 15 June 2013

June 15th – Cracking the 470,000 barrier.

After yesterday’s burst of speed I expected things to go slower today. They did, but by such a small margin it was almost too small to be measured. By ten o’clock this morning I’d hit 3,007 words for the day pushing me through the 470k barrier, and on to a grand total of 470,483 words.

Perhaps the total word count wasn’t as high as the previous few days, but I reached the end of a scene and also had to write a newsletter, so when that came to an end as well, the writing stint came to an end too.

After a couple of weeks of good to brilliant weather we seem to have settled back into the kind of weather pattern we Brits love to complain about – changeable, cloudy and raining a lot. In fact it rained very hard last night resulting in large puddles and a well soaked lawn this morning. Ah well, as those of you who know me well enough already know, that is a great excuse to indulge in my aversion to gardening.

So with my writing well out of the way, and since I can’t do the garden (my excuse and I’m sticking to it) I can concentrate on other things.


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