Monday, 3 June 2013

June 3rd – 438,021.

Today has been another glorious sunny day – so far. We’re beginning to think we picked the wrong fortnight for our holiday, but, oh well, you can’t dictate the weather, and we did go in early to mid may, as opposed to “flaming June” so we got the weather we deserved. It odes mean I won’t be spending much time pounding the keyboard today, so my writing stint this morning produced a quick-fire, in fact a very quick-fire, 3,337 words taking me past 438k for the challenge. It really feels like the halfway point is now within sight, although it is of course, still over 60k words away.

Marion has mastered her new toy (the washing machine) and it is performing to, and even beyond, expectations. Hopefully in the very near future we will both get over the fascination of having a machine with so many quick program options, the fastest being 14 minutes for a very light load, and get back to what supposedly would be more economical full loads. Having said that, if you did 5 14 minute loads, (i.e. 70 minutes) for 7.5 kilos of washing, would that be less economical than doing 1 full 160 minute cycle for the full load? I know one thing, it uses more detergent this way, unless we change from tablets back to powder, but Marion can’t manage to measure the powder. Ah well, such trivial decisions simply mean we’re rather blessed not to have too much strife in our lives at the moment.

I think I’ll keep the strife confined to my works in progress if you don’t mind. An extended peaceful idyll beckons, one where I just might get a lot of writing done.

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