Sunday, 16 June 2013

June 16th – 473.615.

I seem to have hit my stride, timing wise again. Each day I manage to sit down and get the writing done in the morning, sometimes only by the squeak of my teeth, but still done by 12 noon.

Today was no exception, finishing 3,132 words by 11:45 and then getting on with something else, non-writing related. Today is Father’s Day in Brit-land, and for the seventh year in a row I won’t be seeing either of my children, let alone my grandchildren today. They have their own lives, and to be fair they both gave up a lot of time for the family celebrations last weekend, and I couldn’t expect Russell to make a 500mile round trip just to say hi. My daughter leaves much closer but isn’t well and doesn’t want to risk giving her mum the bug. I guess it’s just the fact I haven’t seen them on a Sunday in min-June for 7 years makes it a downer.

In the meantime my sub-conscious and imagination have done it again. I have a red hot concept for another story bouncing around in my head, and by tomorrow the heat from it will burn through the determination to finish the current w.i.p. first, and I’ll have to get a scene, or a couple of scenes on paper.

This is of course on top of downloading the Nuremberg Trials transcripts for research into another book. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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