Monday, 8 July 2013

July 8th – 554,749

Today turned out to be an interesting day, at least in writing terms, anyway. When I went to bed last night I had a nagging thought about the chapter title for chapter three of my current w.i.p. I just didn’t think it was right, but I couldn’t work out a replacement.

So this morning, after banging out over 1,700 words on the manuscript, the correct chapter title dropped into my thoughts, so I changed it, and went downstairs for breakfast. Yes, I know, it was so stiflingly hot, I couldn’t sleep so I was up too early again.

When I came back upstairs after about an hour’s break I could do nothing other than open a blank document and bang out the first two scenes in a completely new work in progress, hitting 2,800 odd words in very short order on the new idea. What new idea? A work in progress titled the same as the chapter heading from the other one. Literally over muesli, orange juice and coffee, a complete new story, plot and plan had dropped into my lap, based on a simple three word phrase. A story I hadn’t even thought about writing at all.

The fact I managed to write that many words this morning from scratch about it, including sorting out the names and appearance of the three main characters, and no, it’s anything but a standard love triangle story.

So that gave me 4,588 words for the day, and that’s well before lunch too. If only life, in the form of diabetic check-ups for both my wife and myself, I’d probably have kept going. They too went well, with both of returning good blood chemistry, weight and blood pressure results, although as always I was nagged about my weight. At least it hasn’t gone up in the last six months, and I am finally clear of the physio’s prohibition on the gym, so if I can crank up the exercise again, maybe, just maybe, at our next check-up I’ll be able to get my weight down.

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