Wednesday, 17 July 2013

17th July – 585,713.

It’s getting hard not to complain about this weather. After this much for this long, the heat has become oppressive, not just during the day time, but more importantly at night too. We can’t sleep, in fact, I’m wondering if I’m achieving some weight loss, or indeed both of us are, from the amount we sweat overnight.

I think I’m existing on about four hours of sleep at the moment and that is just not enough, leaving me tired and listless through the daytime.

At least I managed to get another 3k done, 3,073 words to be precise, taking me past the 585k mark, and in all probability less than a week from breaking the 600k mark.

Somehow I managed to get a complete edit pass completed over the last couple of days as well, so that’s another book almost ready for sending off. Now though, it’s time to turn my attention to the preparation of royalty statements for our authors, the most time consuming part of my publishing job.

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