Friday, 19 July 2013

July 19th – 592,175

I will not moan about the heat, again.

I will not moan about the heat, again.

This heat isn’t helping. Blast, I've broken the resolution already. Circumstances combined today to ensure I didn’t get much writing done this morning, and I’ve ended up writing through the heat of the afternoon in order to get my word count to 3,382 words for the day.

At least that has shouldered the 590k mark out of the way and I’m within proverbial “spitting” distance of the 600k point – which I’m exceedingly pleased about. But it has been a struggle, and to cope with the heat, the writing has happened in small bursts, with a break between each, simply to stop myself overheating. My Toshiba is a cool laptop, in the sense it doesn’t get hot, but even so there is enough heat generated to feel the difference. At least the writing is done with for the day, but given how hot it is, I honestly expect, that’s it for the day in terms of all forms of work too.

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