Wednesday, 3 July 2013

July 3rd – 536,929.

For once I actually stayed in bed this morning till after 7am, and as a result lost that “golden hour” of writing time I’ve been enjoying for the last few days. My total word count for today is thus, by some considerable distance the lowest number I’ve achieved in the last week, but at 3,167 words is well above the target and I’m now 12 days ahead of the relentless metronome of a schedule.

The weather is a little lousy as well, and with Marion definitely feeling under the weather today and in quite a bit of pain, we’re not going to be going anywhere, so today will be a “good” working day. I could just keep writing, but as always I have other things to do, not least finalise something like six book covers and at the same time get another three books released ahead of the holiday season starting tomorrow in the US.

Time to get working then, and stop “wasting” time on my blog. I’m beginning to think, I’m my own slave driver.

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