Friday, 26 July 2013

26th July, 616,968.

Well, I finished my writing stint much later in the day today, but I did at least manage to get 3,574 words down, taking me 18 days ahead of schedule.

We’re having a quiet time now, not doing a lot of anything. Marion is still recovering from her fall, her back is sore, but not as bad, and the bruising is starting to show up. We’d have been out and about for sure, because the weather is nice at the moment, although a little breeze would be good just to move the air around.

Still, at least this way, we’re not spending money by going anywhere or buying anything – so there’s one good reason for not complaining about staying at home. I suspect we’ll have a very quiet weekend too, but we’ll see if her back makes a sudden improvement. At least she’s moving a little more freely now, and the new meds seem to be working better – she doesn’t have those disturbing vacant moments anymore, so that is a very good thing.

Ah well, tomorrow I’ll pass 620k all being well, so that’ll be another cause to celebrate.

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