Tuesday, 16 July 2013

July 16th – 582,640. Past 580k.

Another landmark goes down, as today I sailed past the 580k mark with a total of 3,270 words, achieved before lunch again.

This has left me the afternoon to get some editing done, although I’m bogged down in bureaucracy dealing with several issues relating to my wife’s care. Why of why, can’t they manage joined up government – I’m now facing my fourth set of multiple page forms (16 in this case) this year, and the information is more or less the same between them. Each government or local government agency has their own forms with their questions in their own sequence and with their own individual spin on them. What are they trying to do? Catch you out? Given the prevalence of scanners these days it is entirely unlikely they’ll catch anyone out.

Rant over, while I try to negotiate another set of forms, and hopefully still leave myself enough time to get a lot of editing done. That’s if I can stand the heat long enough to get the work done, of course, because it’s still hot and going to remain so for the rest of the week.


  1. I know, those forms are evil. Scammers will find them no problem, while real people with real issues get totally ground down by them, to say nothing of folks who have difficulty using a pen or focusing and they massively increase depression and stress, putting more strain on the NHS. I think they are designed to make people give up, or commit suicide and thus decrease the surplus population...

  2. Because I'm filling them in on behalf of my wife, rather than for myself, I find them particularly depressing. I have at least been able to find help with this set, since I admit to being over 50.