Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July 2nd – 533,762

I was rather miffed this morning when I rang to arrange the x-ray for Marion, only to find out it was a “routine” one as far as they were concerned and therefore we’d have to wait. A few hours delay would be something I’d consider acceptable but not several days as has turned out to be the case. That’s frustrating as she has to live with the pain with no diagnosis for quite a while longer.

I guess the frustration came out in the writing too, because having just looked back over the last 500 words of my 3,643 words I’ve achieved today, I can already see I’ll be re-working them before bedtime. The resultant section of the manuscript won’t be shorter, indeed it may be a couple of hundred words longer, but it definitely needs redoing.

At the same time, I need to whip some of the other manuscripts into shape and get them sent in too – the backlog is starting to pile up, and as I’ll probably finish this story in three or four days’ time I’ll then have no less than 8 that need another pass, if not two before sending them in.

That gives me a dilemma, four of those eight have sequels waiting to be written, and one of those four has a sequel I’ve already started then put aside for my current piece. If I start editing any of them, that sequel will become my next writing project, the urge to get it written will be overwhelming. But, and it’s a big but, I have a number of other projects screaming out for my attention. Ah, decisions…

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