Tuesday, 30 July 2013

30th July – 631,178

Today I was a good boy, and went back to my main work in progress, hitting 3,402 words. I have noticed one thing about my progress though – I’m getting slower as the challenge goes on. A few months ago I was hitting 3,000+ words before 10am, and even in June I was usually finishing by lunchtime. For the last few weeks, the boot has been well and truly elsewhere, and today I finished at about two thirty. The writing still seems to be coming easily to me, it’s not because I’m getting bored with the plot, or because I’m approaching a block, I’m simply slowing down.

Obviously Marion’s poor health from the fall last week hasn’t helped, keeping my mind busy and necessitating rather more interruptions than I was having to deal with in, say, April, and that may well be having an impact. Of course, the fact I was often getting up very early to write, something I’m not now doing had an effect too.

Overall though I cannot escape the inevitable conclusion – the waters of this challenge are getting thicker and harder to swim through.

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