Saturday, 20 July 2013

July 20th – 596,452 words.

A temporary respite from the heat today has had a definite effect on my word count – up to 4,277 for the day and it looks likely that I’ll pass that 600k barrier a day ahead of my own expectations.

So, without the weather to moan about, what on earth am I going to fill this blog entry with?

I could be cheeky, say nothing, type a full stop and leave it there, but that’s not my style. I guess I’ll have to talk about sport then. After all we have the Open Golf with an English guy tying for second, the Ashes cricket, where England seem to be in pretty much the ascendancy, and the final Alpine stage of the Tour de France, which an Englishman (born to English parents in Kenya if you want to split hairs about it) also very much in the ascendancy. Seems like one of those big days for English sport, so wait till later when everything implodes – that will be a normal day for us!


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