Saturday, 6 July 2013

6th July – 546,727.

For England, the current weather can only be described as “sweltering heat”, however for most countries in the world, it would be a pleasant, spring like day, although there’s no breeze to alleviate it. I guess it’s what you’re used to, and writing I n this heat can rapidly become a chore, the sun beating down, the heat from the laptop, although thankfully this one runs nice and cool in use and doesn’t get as hot as my old one did.

I’ve been up to my old trick again, I had an idea I had to get down on paper before I started to write on my main work in progress, but I did manage to curb the enthusiasm for the new concept, by only writing 600 or so words on it. Indeed, looking back at it after breakfast (yes, I did write it before breakfast) I can see a large plot hole in the opening that needs a patch the size of a dinner plate. I suspect that patch will be applied this afternoon, or maybe this evening when it starts to cool down some.

After breakfast, I managed to hit the ground running with my current work in progress, which is now developing nicely, despite only three days of work, one of which was at the beginning of May, and in total between the two I’ve clocked up 3,416 words for the day.

Now, seeing as it’s Wimbledon Ladies Final Day, and the players are already out on court warming up, and the sun is shining, both there, and here, I think I’ll sign off for today, and for those who want to know, I think I’ll be cheering on both players – as long as we get a good match.

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