Monday, 1 July 2013

1st July – 530,119

I knew today was going to be one of those days where getting up early was going to pay dividends. Apart from the normal routine Monday morning chores, I had to ring the GP and arrange an appointment for Marion, as the pain in her knee and ankle isn’t responding to the treatment. That appointment duly fell into this morning’s schedule so the fact I was awake early and up, giving me a couple of hours before breakfast meant I got the writing done out of the way.

Not sure when, I have to wait until tomorrow to ring and make the appointment, but I’ve now got to take Marion for x-rays to see if there is an underlying problem with the joint structure of her weak leg, or simply rule that out before they start looking at other alternatives. It’s a process of elimination, and as she doesn’t have full use of, or feeling in, the leg, it’s equally difficult for her to tell anyone what the problem is. It’s frustrating nevertheless, and yet another delay. My biggest problem is getting her to rest properly, she won’t and can give a damned good impression of a jack-in-the-box when she gets something in her mind that she feels she just has to get done, even if it’s not urgent and could wait.

Still, I managed to get the newsletter written first thing, and then hit my stride with my current work in progress, the two things combining to give a total of 3,849 words for the day (or rather, early morning), and take me past the 530k mark. I seem to be managing to hit around 10k+ every three days, so I’m continuing to pull ahead of the metronome.

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