Sunday, 28 July 2013

July 28th – 623,360

Well, after thunderstorms earlier in the week, today we had rather more than just a breeze, so between the two my father’s new conservatory roof got a workout. Guess what? It leaked, and it rattled. Admittedly it only leaked when the rain was at its heaviest, but since it needed doing, this morning was the time it got done.

I hate heights, working up a ladder doesn’t even get close to being on my top ten list of favourite pastimes, it’s way down toward the bottom of the overall list too. Still we removed the panel we’d left loosest, just for this purpose and redid the sealant at the side wall, then when we put the panel back we used more screws this time. So far so good, but of course, it hasn’t rained yet so we’ll see. At least it’s not rattling around in the wind, so that’s a good sign.

My writing time was of course, somewhat interrupted by the physical activity, so I only just managed to get the minimum done, hitting 3,157 words taking me to the 623k mark. So, that’s two ticks on the to do list.

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