Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July – 550,161. Through the 550k Mark!

The heat-wave has continued but I have at least managed to keep up my pace and surpass 3k words for the umpteenth day, hitting 3,434 words today. I'm hitting 10k words every three days with some regularity now.

This work in progress is shaping up nicely, and as always I’m starting to see scope for both sequels as well as extending this story beyond my original planned length.

That has also, in numerological terms took me past the 550k mark, and exactly 35k ahead of schedule.

The heat today has been oppressive, but at least we haven’t had to deal with the gale force winds and torrential rain that kept my business partner up all night a couple of days ago – that is I guess one advantage of us both living at opposite ends of the world. Our weather is not her weather, and sometimes, like now, that’s in our favour, and sometimes, more often in fact, it’s in her favour. New Zealand is blessed with many things compared to us, climate being just one of them.

Unfortunately those benefits come with an attached curse, New Zealand is in an active fault zone and the earthquakes can be doozies. I can remember seeing the reports of what happened in Christchurch a couple of years ago with my heart in my mouth, until I got the message telling me Paulette and her family were safe. Just tell me how I managed to get from 3,434 words to earthquakes via sunshine? I have no idea. Who’d want to live in the mind of a writer, hey?

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