Monday, 15 July 2013

July 15th – 579,370.

I was so close to getting down enough words to break the 580k mark today, but in the end I couldn’t commit enough time without compromising other things. I hit 3,479 words and I’m very pleased with the progress, so not far short of the next milestone and I should pass it by a minimum of 2k tomorrow.

I have other things to do today, not least get two books released and move forward on several other projects.

At the same time, we woke up this morning to find a leak under the pipework in the airing cupboard, meaning we’ve had to call a plumber. Even as I’m writing this he’s buried head first near hot pipes working on repairing it. Given the general high temperature today, that can’t be the most pleasant job he’s tackled.

Just goes to show how sometimes, being a writer isn’t actually so bad.

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