Saturday, 27 July 2013

July 27th – 620,203

Well, I suppose a poetic image would be me kicking the 620k barrier to one side and striding through into the new section of the challenge, but truth be told, I don’t do poetry, and I don’t feel very much like creating poetic imagery.

A good job then that today I’ve been busy crating away a dialogue heavy passage, where the banter of the conversation seeks to conceal the very important decision the leading lady has to make, with the support of the other protagonists. This life changing decision will lead in a totally different direction and is a very heavyweight one to make, yet in the context of the book, it needs to be treated with a veneer of flippancy that prevents the conversation being at odds with the rest of the book.

Having written 3,235 words today, I’m a little concerned the story isn’t where I intended it to be, but I was having so much fun getting the in-jokes between the protagonists and the odd sly double entendre they use to each other correct, I suspect it’ll get a lot of red pen at the editing stage.

Still it can’t get red penned there if it’s not there in the first place though.

Mind you, writing this much complex dialogue isn’t the easiest thing to do, and I have to say I’m cream crackered.

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