Saturday, 13 July 2013

July 13th – 572,506.

We needed a dry day today, but we didn’t really need such a hot one. I didn’t get to write for very long this morning as I had to help my father and my son in law, reroof my parent’s conservatory. No mean feat, especially in the kind of heat we experienced this morning either. Still, although taking out the old roof panels proved to be a difficult task, once we’d managed to either unfasten or break them out, fitting the new ones was comparatively a breeze.

Anyway we got the job done by half-past twelve and I even managed to grab a shower before we sat down to the sumptuous chicken dinner my mother had cooked for us, although such a big cooked dinner in such heat wasn’t such a good idea.

At least the job was done, so I was able this afternoon to play catch up, but it’s still hot, and I’ve got to have weights on every piece of paper in here because I’ve got the fans cranked up to maximum to deliver any small modicum of relief. Still, 3,314 words in this heat is well worth the effort, and I have also managed to get through the 570k mark as well – and I’m back to being something close to 15 days ahead of schedule.

You know what, if this weather continues, I might just use some of those days. Mind you we are forecast for some thunderstorms tonight.

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