Monday, 9 September 2013

September 9th – 767,585

Well for the second day in a row I abandoned my main work in progress in pursuit of an idea that formed overnight. That’s despite last night being a tablet night, so I conceived a complete plot in my head while sleeping like the proverbial baby. I don’t know how it happened, or for that matter why it did, but I managed to get the prologue and first chapter written in double quick time this morning, giving me 3,290 words toward my target and taking me within range of the 680k mark tomorrow.

I seem to have reached a point where the bare minimum of words written is more than 3k a day – I don’t think I’ve dipped below that since June, and the average is hovering around the 3.4k mark.

When I talk to other authors, I often find myself being queried on my word count, by people who struggle to write 1k words a day. Maybe I should start using my experience as a mine for the information to become a motivational speaker! Yeah, right, I can see that happening – where would my writing time go? There again it might turn out to be more profitable than writing.

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