Thursday, 26 September 2013

September 26th – 809,139

A total of 4,386 words today, split over two projects (again) has taken me to within spitting distance of 810k. It definitely feels like I’m on the downward stretch toward that million words, and I wonder if this process is going to accelerate even more as I get closer to the target. Certainly I can’t seem to stem the flow of words at this moment – and I am stacking edits up like firewood for the winter. 2014 is going to be the year of editing, that’s for sure. I wonder what challenge I’ll have to set myself for 2015 as a result?

That’s right, I had another story idea overnight so I quickly wrote the first scene this morning before going back to my main work in progress. My fingers are itching on about five different stories at the moment, and short of writing 500-1000 words on each every day, which is of course, nonsensical I’m having to fight to maintain patience and let some of them sleep for a while. Not easy.

If I let my writing take over, I’d be churning out somewhere closer to 10k a day, and while that may be fun you can’t put life on hold like that.

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