Monday, 23 September 2013

September 23rd - 795,547

Today turned out to be a fast writing day again. First thing this morning, before breakfast I spent exactly 55 minutes writing – and managed to hit 2,296 words in that time. I don’t know why, but for some reason when I’m writing dialogue, the words just flow, and I end up pouring the conversation onto paper at an incredible speed. This is true if there are two people in the conversation of if it’s a group, although when I’m writing at that speed, and a group of people are involved in the conversation, I end up having to go back through and make sure it’s clear who’s saying what.

Then, later on this morning, I couldn’t help myself, I spent time writing 2,234 words on a completely new story to round off the day with a 4,530 word count.

The weather today is not as good, either so with this head-cold I’m going to be staying indoors and not going anywhere. The cold isn’t as bad as it was, and it’s certainly not man-flu – if it was I wouldn’t have hit today’s word count, but it’s bad enough to keep me inside. I have a myriad of little jobs to do around the house, so I guess it’s time to get off the keyboard and get my ass in gear instead.

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